This is what people who have worked with Jennifer Vallance have said:

" You nailed it!" Andrea Kenyon & Associates, Montreal

"That's exactly it" Director, Designated Survivor

" She is dedicated to excellent work" 

" I want you in this film and I'll wait until you're available" Chris Veros, Independant film maker

" A professional actor who is always prepared for the work ahead" Frank Hopkins, Theatre

" I think you're stunning!" Claudia Jurt, ACT Ottawa

" That's my favourite Misery so far" Claudia Jurt, ACT Ottawa

" You're brilliant at Improv"  Rachel Cairns, Actor and teacher at ACT

" When you auditioned I just thought; I want you in this play and I'll write it so it works"  Bronwen Steinburg, Counterpoint Players

"Your look is so intense"

"Do you have any idea of how wide and intense your positive influence is on the people you work with?" Dijana Bate, Owner, Glebe Montessori School, Ottawa

" I cant wait to work with you again!" Actors, Directors, Producers of Film and Theatre

"You're great and make me feel comfortable to work with you" Actor

"You were perfect" Karim Ayari, Independant Film maker

"....and you're an amazing singer" Actor

"You just jumped right in, and were even better that the actor you were replacing!"  Melanie Mortensen, Syzergy Films

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